• Etiquetas: Public Buildings
  • Fecha: 2015
  • Nombre: Nou Palau Blaugrana
  • Cliente: FC Barcelona
  • Situación: Barcelona


Situation: Aristides Maillol St.
Floor Area: 
Eduard Gascón 
Associate Architects: 
John Rhodes, Nuno Guerreiro (Hok International) 
Lupe Álvarez, Gilberto Pérez, Alfredo Sarrias


The construction of the Nou Palau Blaugrana, together with the remodelling of Nou Camp Nou will see the creation of a large urban development sympathetic to the particular conditions of its immediate surroundings and which extends the visual and physical limits of Espai Barça flowing from the Stadium to the FCB Escola. 
The Nou Palau Blaugrana, situated opposite the Stadium, shows a defined volume through the geometry of   its generous cover which opens and rises up on a pedestrian platform that invites us to go up and enjoy the spectacle of sport and entertainment. In the background, a rectangular prism emerges leading us to the access of the interior boulevard that organizes and connects the auxiliary court, ice rink and the FCB Escola. This development lends itself to the vision of a lightweight and technological construction, with an image that tries to capture, in architectural terms, the values and concerns of FC Barcelona, one of the most representative institutions of Catalan society as well as our country.

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