• Etiquetas: Selected Projects, Public Building
  • Fecha: 2012
  • Cliente: Centre Tecnològic de Manresa, CTM
  • Situación: Manresa
  • Estatus: Built


Situation: 2 Science Sq.
Floor Area: 11.761 sqm2
Budget: 8.200.000 €
Architects: Jordi Roig and Eduard Gascón
Associate Architect: Lupe Álvarez
Quantity Surveyor: Vicenç Galiana
Team: Mateu Subirà, Inés Rivaya, Alba Platero
Management: MBF, Xavier Bardají, Yolanda Martínez, Joana Sànchez.
Facades: Xavier Ferrés, Architect
Structure Engineer: Bis Arquitectes s.l
Facilities Engineer: PGI grup
Environmental consultant: SO, Gerardo Wadel
Construction: UTE Calaf-Teyco-Soler
Photos: José Hevia


The new building for the CTM will long be the "flagship" of the technology park . Your perfect match to the topography and natural surroundings make it a singular episode. The building, with its compact appearance, has integrated into the landscape . Thus, its sheet metal enclosures simultaneously suggest its tectonic character against another technology . The main strategy to solve the program materializes center drilling a series of three courtyards arranged transversely to the main guideline of the building. They allow natural light to enter while providing an extension of the various indoor activities and act as climate control devices and energy saving. Also the interior routes are organized in a mesh inner passages of different hierarchy and in accordance with the general structure of the building . At the head of the assembly, a transitional space as a large canopy or shade structure above represents the main entrance.


7th Exhibition of Architecture of the Central Regions of the Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya
Awarded work


7th Exhibition of Architecture of the Central Regions of the Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya
Osona and Bages-Berguedá COAC’s  offices.  Exhibition of the 63 shortlisted projects.

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