• Etiquetas: Housing, Industrialization
  • Fecha: 2009
  • Nombre: Industrialized Rental Housing
  • Cliente: Generalitat de Catalunya, INCASOL
  • Situación: Torelló
  • Estatus: Built


Situation: 63, Compte Borrell
Floor Area: 3.150m2
Nº Dwellings: 36
Budget: 2.500.000€
Architects: Jordi Roig and Eduard Gascón
Quantity Surveyor: Jordi Torrents
Team: Norberto Díaz, Mireia Marés, Alba Platero
Structure Engineer:
 Crack, Enginyeria Catalana, S.L.
Facilities Engineer: Font i Armengol, enginyers, S.L. 
Construction: UTE IMAPRHO Torelló
Civil Constuction: Construccions PRHOSA
Industrialized Construction: Modultec S.L.
Photos: José Hevia


The building is located in a block of a new growth area of Torelló. A concrete base resolves the horizontal positioning of the set and provides the necessary privacy between the street and the houses.
The program is developed over 4 floors with 9 apartments per level. Very strict urban and regulatory parameters are organized with few typological variables. A central corridor access distributes the apartments, most of them facing the street to the south and the others facing east, west and the block courtyard. Indoors, the apartment is organized in two areas: social area and sitting area, linked by an entrance hall.
The building process combines the construction of reinforced concrete foundations and containment walls with a modular and industrialized system for the rest of floors which were made in a workshop to join then and to complete at the site.


6th Exhibition of Architecture of the Central Regions of the Col•legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya
Awarded work

Catalunya Construction Award
Finalist in Construction Innovation


Tectonica 38. Industrialización. Madrid
pg. 19
Arquitectura Viva 143.
pg. 107
L’informatiu , CATEEB. Barcelona
Construcció modular. Una alternativa innovadora a  la crisi de l’habitatge.
pg 6-11
Revista Arte y Cemento, octubre. Madrid.
Primeras VPO edificadas con módulos en Cataluña 
pg 6-8
Catalogo del Concurso d’innovación tecnológica CIT, promoted by INCASOL and the Generalitat de Catalunya. Barcelona
Torelló, 36 habitatges


6a Mostra d'Arquitectura de les Comarques

Osona and Bages-Berguedá COAC’s offices.  Exhibition of the 83 shortlisted projects.

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