• Etiquetas: Offices
  • Fecha: 2006
  • Nombre: OFFICE BUILDING AT 22@ - UA2
  • Cliente: Servihabitat XXI Bouygues Inmobiliaria
  • Situación: Barcelona
  • Estatus: Built


Situation:  Llull, Selva de Mar St.
Floor Area Fase I: 25.000m2
Floor Area Fase II: 22.000m2
Budget Fase I: 18.000.000€
Architect: Eduard Gascón
Associate Architect: Lupe Álvarez
Quantity Surveyor: Argos
Team: Ignasi Pérez, Elies Rull
Structure Engineer:
 Consultors BIS Arquitectes
Facilities Engineer: PGI Ingeniería
Facades: Xavier Ferrés, architect
Construction: Dragados
Photos: Lluís Casals


In order to provide an adequate response to match the new reality of the urban lounge frontage of Llull Street, this project involves an articulated volume of 19 meters deep, with a permeable floor and two bodies of four and six plants high emerging from a two-story base. The distance between these two volumes defines the space of visual and functional relationship between the urban lounge and the inner passage through the building.

 At the same time, this project is a step further in our search for constructive solutions that endow the contemporary office building passive solar protection, without penalizing the transmission of natural light, ensuring appropriate behavior in different weather conditions  and concentrating plastic and expressive values of the proposal.


Web application of the Cataluña and Baleares pavilion in the Biennal of Venecia 2012. 
 COAC. Barcelona
Vogadors, Architectural Rowers iTunes store - Google Play
22@ Barcelona, 10 anys de Renovació Urbana.
 Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

pg. 144

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Biennal de Venecia 2012, Vogadors, Architectural Rowers
Catalonia and Balears Pavilions

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