• Etiquetas: Public Buildings, Industrialization
  • Fecha: 2009
  • Cliente: Departament d'Educació Generalitat de Catalunya, GISA
  • Situación: Sant Pere de Ribes
  • Estatus: Built


Situation: 11, Margarida Xirgú
Floor Area: 3.346 sqm2
Budget: 4.100.000€
Architect: Jordi Roig and Eduard Gascón
Quantity Surveyor: Guillermo García Orazi
Team: Norberto Díaz, Delphine Ding
Structure Engineer:
Natec Ingenieros
Foundations: AST ingenieros
Services Engineer: Imanagest
Construction: Imasa-Modultec
Photos: José Hevia


The school is located on the outskirts of the town, bordered by vineyards and having the Prelitoral Mountains as a background. The building aims to blend in within the scale of the landscape and the few surrounding buildings. The image of the building is based on two parallel and south oriented volumes, separated by a longitudinal courtyard, where classrooms are placed. A succession of hierarchical plans and displays the specialization of classrooms: first pre-school classrooms and then the primary school.
The process and system construction of this educational building reflect our interest to introduce in our work a high level of technology and industrialization. Thus, the school is made of prefab three-dimensional self supporting boxes, which were later transported to and assembled at the construction site.


Arquitectures del Equipaments Públics a Catalunya 2000 – 2010. Gisa, Barcelona

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