• Etiquetas: Housing
  • Fecha: 2017
  • Nombre: Can Mates Complex
  • Cliente: Building Center
  • Situación: Sant Cugat del Vallés
  • Estatus: Phase 1 - Built


SituationJosep de Peray 12-14
Floor Area: Phase 1: 11.950sqm; Phase  2: 5.465sqm
Number of dwellings: Phase  1: 62; Phase  2: 39
Budget: Phase  1:  6.175.0000€; Phase  2: 5.465.000€
Architect: Eduard Gascón 
Associated architect: Lupe Álvarez
Quantity surveyor: Vicenç Galiana
Team: Elies Rull, Maria Ferrer, Roger Maranges
Structural Engineer: COTCA SA
Facilities Engineer: PGI Engineering
Constructor Phase 1: Dragados
Photo: Adriá Goula


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